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At Mind Of Gold, we strive to promote literacy and education in underrepresented communities. We plan to expand our reach and impact by partnering with organizations and companies that share our core values and serve underrepresented communities. 

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By collaborating with us for our book wholesale program, you and the population you serve will have access to enjoyable, representative, and relatable literature and media in bulk, for a discounted wholesale rate with up to 30 books personally signed by author Antonia. We believe positive representation increases literacy and self-esteem within our shared audience and can lead to individual and communal success. In addition, we will provide an author's meet and greet and Q&A to solidify the positive representation that is lacked in the literary world.

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Our media collection includes quality e-courses that provides accurate education, resources, and insight. In order to share our intel on a massive level, we offer organizations and companies the ability to purchase our e-course(s) for training and educational purposes to help their employees, students, and target customers. We have done the hard work for you by researching, organizing, and completing this tool and most importantly, it's reusable! 

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Boys Wash Their Hands Too: Los Ninos Tambien Se Lavan Las Manos
You Are: Tu Eres

Boys Wash Their Hands Too: Los Ninos Tambien Se Lavan Las Manos summary

Due to the recent and unexpected events that are still taking place, Boys Wash Their Hands Too was created to remind and educate young readers the importance of hand washing. This publication serves as a dual language read which encourages the reader to learn and explore alternative languages. This non-fictional book also challenges the gender stereotype about boys and how they are always dirty and never wash their hands. Boys Wash Their Hands Too is a literary and visual tutorial of when to hand wash and how to properly hand wash. This book is great for readers between the 3rd-5th grade.

You Are: Tue Eres summary

Although there is no true storyline, You Are: Tu Eres is a simple yet unique picture book that teach young readers the power of positive affirmations. The affirmative words on each page can create a positive self-image and boost self-esteem for the reader and listener. Each page is filled with diverse characters from underrepresented groups like vitiligo, amputees, and other minority groups. This book is also a dual-language publication helping introduce and further expose young readers to a second language. This book will serve best to infant readers up until 1st grade.


Thanksgiving with the Bully 

Royal has been having trouble at school with the new kid Tony. Royal is constantly being picked on and has been called mean names. He told his teacher and the principle how he was being treated to only hear “be patient”, because Tony was still getting use to the new school. With the support of his parents, Royal was able to stand up for himself and confront his bully. Royal felt empowered and victorious, until he got a sneak peak of Tony’s life during Thanksgiving break.

This fictional picture publication was created to help bring awareness to bullying, a nationwide issue that at least one in five students have experienced, and to help formulate solutions to control and end bullying altogether. Readers in grades 2nd-4th may benefit best from this book!


Mental Health with a Twist e-course

After many discussions with university students across state lines, in addition to personal observations, there seems to be a lack of accurate and in-depth education on race in educational institutions and a lack of available, accurate, and representative information for the general public, in relation to mental health. Because of this, we created Mental Health with a Twist, an e- course that outlines how race can influence the prognosis, diagnosis, treatment, and overall service in service-based fields. If you are a person of color, service people of color, teach students of color, or consider yourself an ally of people of color, it is necessary to learn how systems and professionals consciously and subconsciously treat their clients. Most importantly, this e-course provides alternatives and solutions to demand better care in the service-based fields.