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The White Supremist in Me.

Our environment influences us consciously and subliminally. I often rant about racial inequalities, the injustices of racism, and the progression of the Black community, but I’ve overlooked the white supremacy practices of my own. You may think “you’re Black, you can’t practice white supremacy,” but remember, we are a product of our environment, including the dark parts.

Let me break it down to you. Simply put, white supremacy is the belief that white people set the standard, are superior to any other race, and should be catered too. In addition, white supremacy is the act of enabling and reinforcing those beliefs.

Picture this, you’re on your lunch break having a conversation with your homegirl or homeboy. Your coworker, a white woman, enters the break room and you’ve either lowered your voice, ended the conversation, or switched the style in which you were initially speaking in to accommodate her, make her feel at ease, or to present yourself as ‘more professional’. You may know this as code switching, which is synonyms for white supremacy.

It took me a minute to digest and understand this, so give yourself some time.

We were all taught some degree of manners growing up. Say excuse me when you burp, wash your hands before you eat, say please and thank you, and my favorite, immediately move out of any white persons way. White supremacy has made it to where white people don’t use their words but instead use their bodies and whiteness to maneuver streets, aisles, and other public spaces. I’ve found myself trying to bob and weave out of ‘the way’ for white bodies while many didn’t utter a word or acknowledge my presence. This automatic act of catering to their needs fuels white supremacy, and I had the gas can in my hand.

(I intentionally stand in the way now, and don’t move until they say “excuse me”🤣).

I’m sure you saw that girl going viral for rapping Lil Durk lyrics, and my community ate that shit up. Why do we praise white people copying and pasting us with less style? On top of that, we then invite these culture vultures to a pretend cookout. We say things like "She's invited to the barbecue" while their ancestors watched your ancestors get lynched as entertainment for their family picnics.......

The worst part about it is you’ll scroll past ya homie’s new song he just dropped without liking, sharing, or commenting on it. Good ole white supremacy. Because when we see them cosplaying as us, we think we’re closer to whiteness, to superiority. But when we see someone that looks like us making moves, we become competitive and dismissive.

Team Chris or team Will? It was so interesting listening to all the different takes on what occurred at the Oscar’s. The most interesting thing I heard was “you not supposed to act like that in front of white people” or “they making us look bad” and my response is DID WE ALL FORGET HOW WHITE PEOPLE GET DOWN? Did we forget white people’s barbaric, inhumane, unethical, evil, egocentric history??? As a culture, their body count is in the hundreds of millions, if not more, and continues to grow daily. But we decide to cancel a celebrity because of a slap? How we rationalize, forgive, and disregard the nature and culture of white people while scrutinizing, canceling, and casting out our own people for minuscule things is a sign of, you guessed it, white supremacy.

Growing up representation was rare and beauty standards were strict. Slim, blue eyes, blonde hair. And if you didn’t look like that you better not call yourself beautiful. I honestly think the internalized white supremacy fueled the eye contact phase. During middle school and high school everybody and they momma had hazel eyes, blue eyes, & green eye contacts. . The crazy thing is they weren’t even prescription. It was just an accessory that made us one step closer to whiteness. Then the weave, extensions, and wig industry exploded, till this day. We spend millions of dollars, outside our community, on hair that resemble the oppressor. Rather we know it or not, we try to mimic the appearance of white people for beauty validation and white proximity.

I can literally go on and on about this but I’ll let this simmer in your soul. As Dr. Cornel West states, we all have some level of white supremacy in us.

I’ll take it a step further and ask that you start identifying, addressing, and unlearning it. If we don't unlearn these conditioned beliefs and practices we will continue to be apart of our own demise.

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