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Lemon OREOs

There has been a spike in diet conversations amongst vegetarians, vegans, and plant-based individuals on social media. I admire the diet advocacy but have concerns about the delivery of some of these pages and content creators. I often hear people demonize others who haven’t transitioned to a vegetarian or plant-based diet and, here’s my take on it.

We’ve come to conclusion that in general, our food is causing our bodies more harm than good. Some may even say the food is poisonous and I agreed 100%. Since the food is the issue, why blame the consumer and instead direct hostile feelings toward the companies and systems that intentionally create our toxic foods? Emphasis on intentionally because many countries have banned numerous foods like Kraft products, red 40 dye, and Yellow 5 dye, that are still neatly placed on shelves and inside the food packages in American grocery stores. The continuation of creating deadly food is very much preventable!

Often, I hear people say, "buy more organic and clean foods". My argument is, we know that businesses can slap a label on just about anything claiming it’s “all natural”, “farm raised”, or “organic” but we live in America, land of the not so free and home of manipulators and liars. Those labels are almost meaningless, and majority of all food is tainted in one way or another.

Remember how throughout school we were educated on the MyPyramid Guide and hearing milk was strong for our bones.

There were posters displayed on the cafeteria walls showing a kid with a milk mustache standing by a smiling cow or posters of celebrities promoting drinking milk. As an adult, I've learned that we've been lied to. Humans are the only mammal that drinks milk after their infancy stage and, milk, in fact is not good for you because it contains many chemicals and dyes to preserve its content. We've literally been conditioned to consume these foods since the womb, our eating habits is heavily ingrained in our lifestyle.

I don't think we talk enough about how expensive 'eating clean' is. I went to the store and bought a bag of grapefruit and a bag of apples; my total was literally $13. I had to ask the clerk if she rang something up twice because I was severely confused. In my head I thought I could have bought three 4 for 4’s from Wendy’s and had a little change left over for the price of the fruit.

I’ve also heard individuals recommend starting a garden and I say to that many people don’t have the space or the time to grow their food. People are hungry daily, gardening takes time. Not just that, can a garden provide easy cookable foods that can feed medium and large families?

It bothers me seeing pages talk down to people who may not live a certain lifestyle. The way these diet conversations are being presented and delivered; one would think changing your diet cures racism. Or that being vegan increase the chances of getting a business loan or a home loan.

Does being vegetarian exempt you from stress?

Stress is a bigger factor in disease and demise amongst people of color than food. With universal stressors and constant race related stressors, chemicals like cortisol are constantly being pumped into our brain and blood, preparing us for any potential dangers. We must understand, when a person is stressed, they typically go to crunchy foods, and not celery or carrots. They go to foods that taste good and make them feel good, even if it's a temporary feeling. Basically, what I'm saying is it is deeper than "just change your diet".

It may sound like I’m against healthy eating and I’m really not, I’ve been a vegetarian for over two years, but I can’t act like there wasn’t a point in my life where I was eating Ramen noodles, Froot Loops, and sausage. Also, who said being vegetarian automatically meant healthy? I mean I don't eat meat, but I am sure to buy Lemon OREOs every time I am at the store. I understand that changing your diet is a process and backsliding can be a part of that. It’s just not my right or anyone else’s to dictate what you consume. I’m all about accountability, I just don’t think we hold systems, companies, and organizations accountable enough and instead displace our emotions toward a reachable source, the people on the receiving end.

However, I do understand that we take in large sums of artificial sugars, chemical concoctions, and mucus injected meats that creates addiction, causing pain, brain fog, and lethargic tendencies, just to name a few indicators of toxicity in the body.

Abruptly changing your diet increases the likely hood of not succeeding and carrying out this plan long term. A few things that I did when I first began changing my diet was increasing consumption of healthier foods. I increased my water, fruit, and vegetable intake. What also really helped me transition was first becoming a pescatarian, only eating seafood. During this journey I've realized that our food is honestly what you make it. What you believe about the food you consume influences how that food responds to your body.

Don’t feel pressured or even guilty for things that are out of our control. This blog was specifically to encourage us to understand that a system was put into place to pump toxins into our bodies and therefore making this more of a system problem than a personal one. I believe we are doing the best we can with what we have. This post was also to analyze how a healthier lifestyle is a privilege and can be difficult to uphold with several factors to take into consideration.

We’re on the cusp of World War III, we’ve been in a pandemic for like 5 years, and the weather has been very sketchy, is eating Lemon OREOs or a steak really that bad?

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