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It’s All Just an Experience

Hi cousins! This is a mini blog of my recent thoughts. Hope you enjoy!

It’s all just an experience, rather it be a job, a relationship, or life itself. Experiences all have different time stamps, but we know one day it will come to an end. So why do we cling to experiences, especially people and relationships, with a gorilla glue grip? Tightly holding on to experiences makes it difficult for us to release them when their expiration date has presented itself. Keeping expired experiences can lead to unfulfilled relationships, becoming burnt out from a job, and negatively impacting your mental and physical health.

The real question is how do we practice being present with experiences while also practicing the law of detachment? Here’s my theory & we’ll use romantic relationship as an example.

1. Being aware of the experience.

Example- I am having an intimate interaction with this person.

2. Show gratitude Example- I am grateful for this person and our interaction, the memories, and the lessons.

3. Releasing expectations (We often expect people with titles in our lives to act a certain way, ultimately giving them power over us when we shouldn’t)

Example- Although this is my partner, they are not solely responsible for my happiness. And although we’ve been together for a while they can not read my mind.

5. Remembering your experiences has free will, it can leave at any time. Example- Yes it hurts that after 3 years we are no longer together, but it was best and when something or someone is removed that means something better is in route.

6. Dare to try again Example- That last heart break was tough but I trust myself enough to let my guard down and start dating again.

Of course this is easier said than done but it can possible help to flow at life more.

Life is just many experiences with different time stamps.

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