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Updated: Feb 4

***Disclaimer: This blog has graphic and possibly offensive language. Readers discretion is advised.

Hey cousins! Hope all is well. This blog is a little bit raw, but I think we’re passed beating around the bush. Let’s get into music though!

Music has always and forever will be a huge part of our culture as Black individuals. We literally put every race on to music and originated almost every genre. But how is it that the very thing we created can be linked to an impaired subconscious mind many of us experience.

Have you ever stopped and wondered how your favorite songs impact your life? Of course you haven’t, let’s get in to it.

As a whole, many of our beloved songs have creative yet interesting lyrics. Lyrics like

“Girl shake that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy.” -Laffy Taffy: D4L

“I like a long hair thick red bone, open up her legs to fillet mignon that P****” - Every girl: Lil Wayne

“I been drinking watermelon” -Drunk in Love: Beyoncé

“Bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks”

- Bitches Ain’t Shit: Dr. Dre

“Ay bitch! wait til you see my d***. Imma beat dat p***** up” - The Whisper Song (Wait): Ying Yang Twins

“If he play you, then rule number two

Fuck his best friends then make 'em yes-men” Boss Ass Bitch: Nikki Minaj

“Fuck Bitches, Get money” :2Pac

“I'm a big timer nigga,yeah

Pull the trigger, yeah

A player hater flipper, yeah

Grave filler, yeah” -Back that Azz Up: Juvenile

I’m sure some of these lyrics made you cringe but we sing them word for word with our hands in the air whenever they play.

Is it possible that these lyrics are a manifestation of our current reality? Think about it, women sing songs about men not being shit and a lot of the time the men they deal with are in fact not shit, conformation bias maybe? Same with men, men rap songs that degrade women, and therefore many men treat them in a disrespectful and degrading manner. Many individuals sing and rap depressing lyrics and often find themselves more sad and or aggravated during and after listening to such music. Men, women, boys, and girls all hear music over sexualizing both genders and in turn often act on the visualizations created by the artist words and music videos.

Since we’ve become more connected with our mind, body, and spirit and even more in tune with manifestation, it’s known that what we think and say is our reality, the same is true for the things we hear, expose ourselves too, and even sing/rap.

It’s not just the lyrics though y’all! Regardless of how you may feel about Kanye West, the man is a musical genius and is also known for popularizing the 808,a key board for drum sounds. Artist that use this technique include, but not limited to Lil Wayne, Lil Baby, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Metroboomin, and the list goes on. This is what Kanye said about the effects of the 808 drum machine “The 808 exist in the lowest chakra of your body. The majority of content that’s related to 808 is killer or sexual content. The original 808 was even off pitch so that meant it’s an actual sound in the track that you don’t actually realize is there that it’s fucking up your entire frequency,” (West, 2021). So basically a surplus of the music catered to Black people is energetically unaligned and disrupting our natural frequency.

Let’s be clear, historically, our music has not always been detrimental, but many producers and artist loved the opposition rap, trap, and drill music created. Russell Simmons expressed “earlier black pop was just sissy music. He despised the soft, unaggressive music (and non-threatening images) of artists like Michael Jackson or Luther Vandross. “So the first chance I got,” he says, “I did exactly the opposite” (McWhorter, 2003). The desire for uniqueness and rebellion many pioneer artist craved was understandable, unfortunately at the expense of the minds and lifestyle of the listener.

There have been many studies on the effects of music on people and “it’s unexplainable yet observable influence on behavior” (Kwong, 2016). One study observed“…it is possible that songs with faster tempos and aggressive themes can lead to higher respiratory rates, potentially increasing blood flow and heart rate, and possibly leading to exasperated behaviors. While relaxing music may calm the listener, other genres of music, such as faster tempo punk music or heavy metal rock depicting violence and death, may counteractively promote negative emotions and exasperate behaviors” (Kwong,2016). Basically, the auditory stimulus we are exposed to is highly likely to consciously and subconsciously influence our behavior, thoughts, and emotions.

Lastly, may I add how we are the ONLY group of people who write and perform a style of music that sexualizes and degrades each other. No other genre or culture does this. Have you noticed that the sexualization and degrading is also subjective. If a Black male rapper is on a track with a white women you rarely, if ever, hear them utter the words ‘bitch’ or ‘hoe’, and why? I’ll let you take a guess.

But if you need help, the oppressors know how impactful music is which is why Black artist are encouraged to say certain things and women are encouraged to look a certain way when their audience is Black.

To reiterate, a lot of our music is sexual, violent, trauma related, and or depressing and it has a lasting effects on our life. Analyze your playlist and try incorporating more frequency aligned music. There’s so many underground artist and producers with amazing work. I recently came across a woman, Toni Jones, and her music has shifted my life tremendously. Try looking on YouTube because the trending music in our community is still apart of the system that’s oppressing us.

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