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Double Standard in Addiction

Updated: May 22

It’s been a while but I’m back with another heavy hitter! Let’s briefly talk about addiction from a social perspective.

It’s astonishing how we as a people are so one-sided when it comes to many things, in this particular case, addition. We’ll look side-eyed toward an individual on the street, roll the window up, turn a blind eye, and even talk ill of them while simultaneously headed to Starbucks to get a coffee fix……. We fail to realize anything can be an addition rather it’s social media, porn, cigarettes, or even food. But depending on who is experiencing this and what form of habit it is, society’s behavior and thoughts vary.

Prime example being the cocaine epidemic in the 70’s/80’s vs the current opioid epidemic. Treatment for the cocaine epidemic, which effected the Black community the hardest, was imprisonment, demonizing labels like ‘crackhead’, and personal attack when in reality the government consciously and intentionally planted the drugs in our community in the first place. On the contrary, treatment for the opioid epidemic, which is effecting white people more than anyone else, consist of laws and policies being put in place to aid in this crisis (which is great by the way, it just took to long to happen), therapy and rehabilitation, and even holding pharmaceutical companies accountable to the point of them paying out billions of dollars to assist with the overall opioid issue. Such a huge shift from the crack epidemic and I wonder why??????

Since we’re on the topic of crack, who knew “white sugar has the same addicting effects on the brain as cocaine or any kind of drug” (Samuels, 2019). Ever wonder why after you eat your meal you ‘need something sweet’? But of course we justify our tastebuds urges and head to the long line at Chick-Fil-A to get an Oreo milkshake with extra whipped cream. Some may argue that the word addiction is such a strong word to use because they aren’t on the street, they have a job, and have healthy relationships, but in reality some addictions, or a better word, habits, are more obvious than others and many people are just functioning addicts.

Have you not seen a coffee drinker not get their morning caffeine fix? Mood swings, jitteriness, and the inability to focus and concentrate can all be heavily present, resembling withdraws……..

According to Wikipedia (I know that’s such a weak source to site) addiction is a biopsychosocial disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences. Let’s focus on the ‘despite adverse consequences’ part for a second. We eat these unhealthy foods knowing it promotes obesity and weight gain, causes cancer and other health aliments, rots our teeth and still haven’t changed our diet not one bit.

We overly engage in our phones majority of the day causing a huge distraction in our life preventing us from being present in life, completing homework, house task, and not to forget declining our overall in-person human interaction with one another. We’ve even become fixated with work and exercise.

Although addiction looks different for everyone, addiction is a commonality in all of us. Be sure to subscribe to our blogs to stay updated on our newest content. Please don’t forget to like and share this post!

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