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Encouraging literacy with relatable & representative literature & media.

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Our Story

Mind Of Gold was founded by Antonia Royal-Whitmore in 2019.  It started off as a creative hobby but quickly developed into an intentional mission to help her community. Until recently, she normalized the lack of representation, especially positive representation, in books, movies, and other forms of literature and media. It was 'normal' to read about characters who did not look like her or share similar life experiences. She underestimated how the lack of inclusiveness impacted her emotionally, psychologically, and mentally and decided to create relatable and reflective literature and media for her community.

85% of Black students lack proficiency in reading (The Hill, 2021) and she believes that positive representation in media and literature, will not only increase literacy but promote self-esteem, positive self-image, and overall healing.

 Antonia's plans are to continue to create representative literature and media to increase literacy in her community and eventually run her own community resource center!

Learn more about the life of  Antonia Royal-Whitmore and her author journey by booking an author visit.

Antonia is really big on community and would love to personally invite you to our book club.


At Mind Of Gold, we curate literature and media influenced by social experiences and Black culture. We aim to educate, empower, and entertain our audience while simultaneously providing positive representation. We believe literature for people of color should be created by people of color.

We pride ourselves on creating relatable, representative, and enjoyable projects. It is understood that knowledge is power and ultimately the key to freedom. We also understand the  traumatic relationship our community has with education, specifically reading. It is our goal at Mind Of Gold to rebrand literacy and education in a way that is more accepting and effective to the Black community.

 Mind Of Gold not only strives to promote literacy, we aim to personally, spiritually,&  mentally, impact our community positively, one project at a time.

 As a project-based company, we offer a variety of products and services to our community and plan to expand. Browse our site to see more of what we offer.

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A Gift For You

Your mind creates your reality. Feed your mind affirmative words & thoughts for an optimal life experience. Here are some of our favorite affirmations for you to try!

  • I Am enough.

  • I Am lovable.

  • Life supplies ALL my needs in abundance.

  • I release all ideas of perfection.

  • I release the need to be approved and accepted by others.

  • Good things are supposed to happen to me.

  • My voice matters, My feelings matter, I matter.

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