A space for self-discovery, building relationships, and community engagement.
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We have been primed and conditioned sense the womb. With aRAREness, we encourage you to challenge the norm, to question systems and the way of living, and cultivate a deep authentic connection within.

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Building Relationships

 We live in an individualistic world & have become disconnected. Relationships are a basic necessity & aRAREness helps to create genuine connections to make navigating the world smoother. 

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Community Engagement

With aRAREness, we believe in communal affairs. It is our duty as a whole to care for and tend to our community in creative ways. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming events.

aRAREness is a sub-sector for Mind Of Gold that focuses on community & building relationships. We promote, encourage, and create authentic relationships within ourselves, in our platonic and intimate connections, and within our community. We do this in a non-conventional & non-traditional style by informal group conversations, Controversial Conversations.

Most importantly, we strive to  fining solutions and share them with our community in various ways like our events and classes for the community to bring forth knowledge, resources, and restoration.

Are you looking for an environment that builds community, connection, and knowledge?!

Join our Controversial Conversations where we connect-relate-debate. 

Controversial Conversations is a monthly meet-up, held virtually,  where participants are free to disclose their perspective, inner thoughts, and feelings on the conversation of the month.

This is a space that constructively discuss the elephants 🐘 in our community, current events, and hot takes through literature and media, and most of all design solutions to our dilemmas. Our discussion topics will stem from books, movies, TV shows, & social media post/videos.

Be prepared to familiarize yourself with the topic of the month. Regardless if you are familiar with the topic of the month, we highly encourage you to attend our sessions. Your presence is always welcomed.

This space is non-judgmental.We will not tolerate any forms of hate or disrespect.

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