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Mind Of Gold

Creating and providing  representative media and literature.

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About Us

Mind Of Gold was founded by Antonia Royal-Whitmore in 2019.  Despite English being her least favorite subject and not having an initial overt talent and passion for writing, Antonia always seemed to do well on writing assignments throughout her educational journey. 

 Antonia has always been passionate about human behavior and psychology since grade school. She has now found a way to integrate her unique writing skills, creativity, and passion for psychology along with the drive to help & heal her community, simultaneously. Antonia is an advent advocate for Black mental health, Black survival, and Black progression. Antonia's plans are to become a psychoanalyst and researcher that creates representative studies that aid underrepresented populations


At Mind Of Gold, we conduct psychology-based research on underrepresented populations then turn our research finding into creative and comprehensive projects. We aim to educate, empower, and entertain our audience while simultaneously providing positive representation in our ventures. We also provide freelance writing services and offer one-on-one mentoring.

We believe media meant for people of color should be created by people of color.

Our line of work includes, but not limited to: 

- Children's books

- Coloring Books

- Workbooks


For more, explore our site and visit our 'shop' list.

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A Gift For You

Your mind creates your reality. Feed your mind affirmative words & thoughts for an optimal life experience. Here are some of our favorite affirmations for you to try!

  • I Am enough.

  • I Am lovable.

  • Life supplies ALL my needs in abundance.

  • I release all ideas of perfection.

  • I release the need to be approved and accepted by others.

  • Good things are supposed to happen to me.

  • My voice matters, My feelings matter, I matter.