Our Mission

Family Unwrapping

We are a project based business that strives to educate, empower, and entertain through media and literature, while providing POSITIVE representation for Black and other underrepresented groups. We also aim to mend the relationship between our audience and reading because we know how beneficial the practice of reading is and how knowledge can better our overall lifestyle and life experiences.

We also believe media meant for people of color should be created by people of color.

Our product line includes, but not limited to,: 

- Children's books

- Coloring Books

- Workbooks


A Gift For You

Wooden Bookshelves

Your mind creates your reality. Feed your mind affirmative words & thoughts for an optimal life experience. Here are some of our favorite affirmations for you to try!

  • I am Beautiful/Handsome

  • I am Worthy

  • I am Enough

  • I Love myself

  • I release the need to be approved and accepted by others

  • Good things are supposed to happen to me

  • Peace follows me wherever I go

A Young Woman Reading a Book

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