Who We Are

We are a project based business who believes that underrepresented groups warrant more positive representation in the media/ literature industry. In this, we conclude,  with positive representation comes heightened self-esteem, confidence in self- image and self-concept, and creates inspiration.

We also believe media meant for people of color should be created by people of color.

Media includes but not limited to:

- Children's books

- Urban Fiction Short Stories

- Coloring Books

- Workbooks


A Gift For You

Wooden Bookshelves

We strongly believe in the power of the mind. We know from first hand experience and vicariously the benefits of positive affirmations. Here are some of our favorites.

  • I am Beautiful

  • I am worthy

  • Good things are supposed to happen to me

  • Peace follows me wherever I go

  • I Love myself

  • I release the need to be approved and accepted by others

  • I am Enough

A Young Woman Reading a Book

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